$30.00 / month



This plan includes:

  • HVAC System Inspection with Recommendations
  • ESA Precision Maintenance Performed
  • 2 Year Warranty On Repairs Made
  • Priority Status
  • Rates Remain the Same 7 Days a Week
  • Pre-Season Scheduling Reminders
  • Drain Line Cleared
  • Drain Line Flushed and Treated
  • Outdoor Coil Cleaned as Needed (Water source must be available. $98 Value)
  • Indoor Blower Wheel Cleaned As Needed ($189 Value)
  • Indoor Coil Cleaned In Place As Needed (When coil is accessible. $279 Value)
  • Free Electronic Leak Search As Needed
  • 10% Off Repairs Made
  • Up to $349 back on new system purchase

Our ESA (Energy Savings Agreement) programs consist of 2 visits per year. Each visit includes verifying function of contactors, reversing valves, and defrost timers; checking refrigerant pressures, electrical connections and amp draw; rinsing the condenser coil (outside unit) if applicable and brushing the evaporator coil (indoor unit in air handler) if applicable; checking air filters clearing and cleaning condensation drain lines and placing algaecide tablets in the drain pan. This program can be very beneficial to properties on a rental management program. We get a lot of calls about water leaks or systems not working because condensation drain lines are backed up. It is a good idea to make sure each system has a safety float switch to help reduce the chance of water damage.

$179 Tune-Up Special
1-Time Heating or Cooling Tune-Up