2017 Oldest Working Air Conditioner Contest

  • The contest is for owner occupied, single family homes with central ducted air conditioning systems.
  • All systems must be 21+ years old to qualify.
  • Entrants must be legal adults and legal residents of Florida. Entrants must be homeowners and empowered to make purchase and home improvement decisions regarding their residence.
  • Homes must be located in Executive Air, LLC primary servicing area defined as Okaloosa, Walton and Santa Rosa Beach, FL.
  • Entries must be submitted by email.
  • The air conditioner must be operating and provide cooling to the home.
  • The contest applies to standard “split system” air conditioners added onto upright gas, propane or oil furnaces. Any other types of equipment or crawl space/attic installations are NOT included. The duct systems must be in good condition and properly sized for the air conditioner. The duct system, evaporator and drain pan must be free of mold.
  • To qualify, representatives from Executive Air, LLC must be allowed access to the air conditioner and coil to examine the installation and record manufacturer nameplate information (model, serial number and dates). A missed appointment will be rescheduled at the discretion of Executive Air, LLC and subject to disqualification.
  • The Oldest Working Air Conditioner Contest is not a game of chance. The winner will be the oldest Air Conditioner submitted according to objective information such as model and serial numbers, installation or sale paperwork provided by the homeowner and/or the best judgment of Executive Air, LLC employees. In the event of a tie the earliest contest entrant shall be the winner. All decisions are final.
  • The winning entry will receive one (1) new air conditioner / heat pump and matching coil up to 5 tons, as well as complete normal installation.
  • The winning entry will be responsible for: taxes, permits, duct systems modification (if necessary), or hazardous material removal and abatement (e.g. asbestos), and any improvements needed to bring the installation in compliance with existing building and mechanical codes (any applicable costs will be discussed beforehand).
  • The winning entry will agree Executive Air, LLC to use images and likenesses of the old and new air conditioner system and the homeowners’ name in promotional material.
  • Entrants may receive newsletters and other information from Executive Air, LLC from time to time. Executive Air, LLC lists and costumer information will never be shared with other companies. Entrants can remove themselves from any subscription lists at any time by notifying Executive Air, LLC by mail, phone or email of their desire to be removed from any lists.
  • Entrants agree to hold Executive Air, LLC, its owners, sponsors and employees harmless for any injuries, loss or damages relating to the contest.
  • All prizes in the Oldest Working AC Contest are non-transferable and may not be redeemed for cash.
  • Winner of the Oldest Working AC Contest must reply within ten (10) days of notification either via email or by calling the phone number provided upon prize notification, or else and alternate winner will be selected.
  • No entry fee or purchase is required to enter.
  • Employees of Executive Air, LLC and their family members are not eligible.

Contest Ends October 2017!

Fill out the form below!

Destin Air Conditioning Repair

Air conditioners are essential to keeping your home or your business cool or heated during winter. The end of summer is just over a month away, which means cooler temperatures! We want to ensure your air conditioning unit is working properly throughout the end of the summer and into the fall season. Our technicians understand the frustration of having no air conditioning during the warmest parts of the year in your home or business

The air conditioner is important to your property; it removes the humidity inside the home and keeps you cool. When your air conditioning unit goes out, a part has broken or needs to be repaired, the moisture and humidity will not be properly removed. The heat in Florida is atrocious; being without a running unit for just one hour can be uncomfortable.

Our technicians are professionally trained and skilled to handle the repair of your air conditioning unit. We value quick and effective response times. We offer 24-hour emergency services to the Destin area.

Give us a call today if you’re having issues with your HVAC system.

Deadline Approaching: 2017 Air Conditioner Contest!

Attention Okaloosa, Santa Rosa Beach and Walton county residents! The deadline for 2017’s Oldest Working Air Conditioning Unit is just a few months away, if you meet these requirements, enter online now!

Own your home/can make home improvement and purchase decisions.
Air conditioner is in full working order.
System is 21+ years old.

This contest does not include additional crawl space/attic installations. The duct systems must be in good condition and properly sized for the air conditioner. Once you’ve entered, an Executive Air LLC technician will come to your home and record the unit’s name plate.

The winning entry will receive the installation of (1) one new air conditioner, heat pump and matching coil up to 5 tons. For full rules of this contest and to enter, please visit our 2017 Oldest Working Air Conditioner Contest.

Summer Tips to Keep Cool

Summer is arriving and the temperatures are going to get hot. The last thing that you want to happen is your air conditioning unit to break. Just in case that it does break, we offer 24/7 emergency repair for your air conditioner. Summer can be one of the most difficult season of the year because it can put your air conditioner to the test. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when preparing for the rising temperatures!

1. Having a Good Programmable Thermostat.

A programmable thermostat will help tremendously when it comes to the electric bill. You’re able to customize the times that your unit turns on and controlling certain temperatures at certain times; thermostats such as the NEST allow you to control your unit directly from your phone. Also, when you’re not home, you can have the a/c unit set to a higher temperature or even have it turned off while you’re gone. Having a schedule for when your air conditioner turns on or off can prevent problems because it won’t put as much stress on the air conditioner.

2. Keep An Eye on The Filters.

A good way to keep your air conditioner working properly is to check the filter every so often to make sure it isn’t filled with debris or dust from your house or business. If a filter is clogged, it can prevent the air conditioner from getting the proper the air flow that it needs to be able to send air throughout the air ducts to keep the air circulating. You may find, if you have pets in your home, you may need to replace the filter more often than usual.

3. Keeping The Area Around The Outdoor Unit Cleaned.

If applicable, the area around your outdoor unit can have an effect on the air conditioner. If there are trees hovering over the unit, leaves and/or branches can fall into the unit and cause it to get clogged. Make sure to have a clean area around the units and try not to grow any vegetation too close to the units. Make sure to clean out all spaces in and around the unit.

4. Windows.

If there are a lot of windows in your home or business, the sun can penetrate the windows and cause lots of heat to rise. Having good window treatments could significantly help with the exposure too the sun. Investing in blinds or drapes can also help prevent the heat build up from the windows.

These are just some of the more important tips to keep an eye on and pay attention too. As long as you follow these tips, you should have a good running air conditioning unit without any problems. But do keep in mind, that if for any reason your air conditioner breaks or fails, we have a 24 hour service and we will be at your door step in no time to fix the problem!

Routine Spring Maintenance

Late April or Early May are perfect times to make sure your air conditioning is running perfectly for the coming summer season.

Filters should be replaced every month to allow air to flow dust and debris free. If you do not use an air filter, your unit will fill with dirt and eventually the duct system will be damaged.

Clean the drain once a month. Add a 1 cup, 50/50 ratio, of bleach and water to the air conditioner drain once a month. Adding this mixture to the drain can help prevent build-up of algae or blockage. (If you would prefer to avoid the use of bleach, another option is white vinegar a water.)

Remove debris. To clean your outside unit, first turn off the power at the shutoff box or at the circuit breaker. Then, with the brush attachment, vacuum the fins of the condenser. It is important to clear away grass, weeds and any other debris that has built up over the winter season. Finally, open the top grill and clean debris from the interior of the unit and the fan.

If you notice any major issues during the routine spring cleaning of your air conditioner, give Executive Air a call. We offer 24/7 emergency support for all of our residential and commercial customers.

air conditioning unit

It is Time for Your Spring AC Tune-Up!

Spring has officially sprung! It is now time to service your HVAC system before the hot weather envelopes the entire area for the summer. It’s time to have a spring tune-up performed on your system before you really need it, when it’s 90 degrees in the shade during the dog days of summer.

Let the professionals at Executive Air LLC show you how to get the most out of your system. We will inspect your entire HVAC system to make sure it is in optimum working condition. If something needs to be repaired or replaced, it is not a problem for our highly trained and talented team of technicians. They will give you a full written estimate before the work is completed.

Remember if you donate a non-perishable can a food we will even take $5 off your service call fee. Don’t wait until it’s too late, call Executive Air today at (850) 502-6616.

2016 Oldest Working Air Conditioner Winner

air-conditionerExecutive Air is happy to announce 2016’s Oldest Working Air Conditioner winner! Fay Williamson of Fort Walton Beach will receive a brand new Carrier unit to replace her existing 29-year old model.

Every spring, Fay would say a little prayer, hoping the unit would make it through the hottest days of the season. This year, she won’t have to worry about the temperatures climbing and can have peace of mind when the summer months come around.

Congratulations, Fay!

To read more on Fay Williamson’s story in the Northwest Florida Daily News article.

Do you know someone in need of a new air conditioner? Enter 2017’s Oldest Working Air Conditioner contest today!

Save Energy in the Fall

Executive Air uses top of the line Air Conditioning Repair productsFall is finally upon us on the Emerald Coast, and with it comes cooler weather throughout the day and night. Something we all wait eagerly for after every Summer.

With the air getting cooler, now is the perfect time to change your thermostat settings so your unit runs less. By increasing the temperature on your thermostat, you can save between six and eight percent, per degree, on your energy bill.

During the day, let the fresh air in! Be sure to turn your air conditioner off or increase the temperature so it will not run while the windows and doors are open.

In the next few weeks, you may switch to warming your home during the night. If it smells like something is burning, don’t panic! The first time we run the heat in the fall or winter, your unit is essentially burning off the dust that has settled throughout the spring and summer months.

By changing the direction of your ceiling fans, you will be cutting down on the heating costs. Reversing your ceiling fan pulls the cooler air up and forces the warmer air towards walls and down. into your living space.

Executive Air offers programmable thermostats, and warranties on all parts and labor. If you’re interested in getting a free estimate, give us a call at 850.502.6616.

Heating System Repair


During Fall here in Florida there is finally a crisp chill to the air and it feels great! But, is your heating system ready for the cold days ahead? Don’t be left in the cold this winter or pay too much money for your comfort. A well-working heating system can help you stay more comfortable while saving you a little money.

Need a new heating system all together? Call the professionals at Executive Air, LLC for all of your heating installation and heating system repair needs today. Our technicians have the experience you can trust to get the job done right.

Call Executive Air, LLC today for your heating system repair needs.

heating system repair

Pay it Forward Program

Do you know an individual or family that would benefit from a residential air conditioning or heating system minor repair? Executive Air, LLC. is running their Pay it Forward Program again and want to select your nominee to receive a complimentary minor residential repair!

If you know an individual or family that needs a minor repair but may not be able to afford it at this time, nominate them for the drawing in the form to the right. Executive Air will select one nominated household each month.

pay it forward program

  • Special requirements:
  • * Only residential minor repairs.
  • * All nominees must live within our service area.
  • * Unit replacements or major repairs, such as coils, compressors or modulating blowers are not included with this program.
  • * Offer may end at any time.
  • * All nominations are anonymous.

Nominate a special individual or family in the form below: